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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

21st Century Skills

I read an interesting article that outlines the skills needed to survive in the digital age. The digital age is all about communication not only with fellow peers, but with people around the world. This article will give you an excellent look at what you need for communicating with anyone who is willing to travel the digital realm. Following is the link to the article.



Blogger Sara B. said...

Around the world...wow..that will be so cool for our 6th graders to interact with people around the world!!

7:28 AM

Blogger Lani said...

I think the skills listed are a real eye opener for some people.


7:28 AM

Blogger Tony R. said...

We do need to communicate better and the digital world can be used to help us all communicate better!

7:28 AM

Blogger Anne Davis said...

I still remember the first group of students I worked with on blogs. The very first comment they received was from Paris. They were amazed and that was the beginning of a wonderful learning journey!

8:03 AM


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